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Rockabilly StyleBack in the early 80's I was heavily into punk rock music, in fact I was in a local hardcore band called Social Disease. During that time my friends and I were attending dozens of shows at the local venues. Mainly we went to see bands like Black Flag, The Dead Kennedy's, The Clash, etc. But one night we went to the Boulder Theater to see a rockabilly show. The headline act was at the time a little known band called The Stray Cats, well needless to say we were blown away by the show. Brian Setzers awesome guitar work, Lee Rockers wild stand-up-bass antics and of course the unusual standing drumming style of Slim Jim Phantom was mind blowing!

That show changed my life. There is something about rockabilly music that is truly American. Punk rock has roots in England as well as in America but Rockabilly is American through and through. Rockabilly is much more than a style of music, rockabilly is a complete sub-culture and lifestyle.

After that Stray Cats concert I was determined to find out more about rockabilly music and rockabilly culture. And of course that journey helped me rediscover Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette, Roy Orbison, Sid King, Buck Griffin, Mac Curtis, Peanuts Wilson, Jack Scott, Wayne Williams, Dale Hawkins, Jackie Lee Cochran, Billy Riley, Sonny Burgess, Roy Hall, Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis. The next step was discovering bands such as: Tuff Darts, Rockpile, The Blasters, Jason and the Scorchers, the Rockats, The Polecats, The Kingbees, Beat Farmers, and others. I remember one summer when I really got hooked on Rank and File.

The Blasters are probably my all-time favorite rockabilly band, I could listen to "Long White Cadillac" all day long, everyday, and never get sick of it.

Rockabilly isn't dead, heck it's not even sick! Rockabilly thrives with bands such as: The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Trick Pony, Danny Dean and the Homewreckers, Rattled Roosters, Royal Crown Revue (just to name a few).

Rockabilly Culture

Yet in reality rockabilly is way more than just music. Rockabilly is a lifestyle, it is it's own sub-culture. Rockabilly is like the combination of a 1950's greaser mixed with a old school punk rocker. With the huge pompadour, sweet creepers, black leather biker jacket, dark sunglasses and nice bowling shirt you can't go wrong. And trust me there is nothing sweeter than a rockabilly girl in a rockabilly dress (I like when they chew gum really loud). Fishnet stockings, flamed out rat rod tattoo and you are "good to go".

Rockabilly Rat Rod

Rat Rods and Rockabilly

The rockabilly culture has crossed over into the the hot rod custom car world and formed a really cool sub-culture of car enthusiasts called Rat Rods. Rat rods are basically rough looking street rods that are built to drive and look tough. They are often identifiable by there "unfinished" look, although any real rat rodder will tell you "it is finished ya dork!!"

If you are into Rat Rods you might want to check out our other website called

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Rockabilly is a multi-facted sub-culture that is about music, style, cars, girls, guys and good "clean" fun. With this website I have searched out Rockabilly Guyall the best deals on Rockabilly styled stuff that is for auction on eBay such as: men's rockabilly clothes, women's rockabilly clothes, rockabilly dresses, women's rockabilly shoes, men's rockabilly shoes, rockabilly sunglasses, music, jackets, patches, stickers, posters, and much much more. Hopefully I have created a great resource for rockabilly lovers by doing all the searching for them and placing all the rockabilly stuff in one convenient location.

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